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Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital

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Our Staff


Melissa at Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital

Melissa, Practice Manager

Melissa, has been with us for some time now.  She started off as a Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant, but worked her way up to Practice Manager.  She is kind and patient and has an incredible sense of humor.  She is excellent at taking care of all the needs of our clients.  She specializes in getting things done around the hospital and there is nothing that she is unwilling to do.  You might see her of one of her crazy Wolfadors running around the hospital!  She loves traveling and new adventures.

Years in Practice: 11

Interests: DIY, Parties, Dining, Swimming


Lisa at Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital


Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Lisa is our most experienced employee. She has been with the practice for over 20 years and was originally a resident of Banksville. Besides being one of the hospital's receptionists', she is also educated in the care and handling of many types of animals. Lisa especially enjoys interacting with clients and their pets, and is an integral member of our team.  Her special interests including spending time with her two daughters, participating in book clubs and walking.

Years in Practice:  27

Interests: Family, People Watching, German Shepherds and Baking

Kearny at Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital

Kearny, Master Groomer

Kearny has been an important member of our hospital since 2002. Kearny is responsible for all of our boarding animals, and has developed into one of the premier groomers around town. He has ample experience in grooming animals of all sizes, and will groom your pet to your desired style and cut. We also refer to Kearny as the " dog whisperer,"  because he has a magical connection with every animal he meets. 

Years in Practice: 15

Interests: Dining, Travel and Art

Karen at Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital

Karen, Veterinary Technician

Karen brings a wealth of experience and a gentle touch to our patient care. She has been a Veterinary Assistant for 12 years.  She is a mother of two boys and a house full of animals. She is compassionate and understanding. We are so happy to have her.

Years in Practice: 7

Interests: Cars, beaches and animals

Wendy at Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital

Wendy, Receptionist

Wendy is our newest receptionist.  She is a wonderful addition.  She has a giant heart and an incredible sense of humor. She lives with her husband, daughter and a sassy Cavapoo named Miley.

Years in Practice: 4

Interests: Volleyball, Ballet, going to Medieval Fairs and Pottery

Sharon at Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital

Sharon, Receptionist

Sharon is an essential part of our BGAH family.  She is kind and compassionate.  She is always willing to lend a hand and her kindness shines through in everything she does.  We are grateful to have her on our staff.

Years in Practice: 8

Interests: Walking, Traveling, Family

Suzie Kerr

Suzie Kerr, Master Groomer

Suzie is a wonderful groomer who has over 3 years of grooming.  She lived in Texas where she mastered her cutting skills on every type of dog.  We are very lucky to have her on our staff.  She is a very caring, meticulous and loving person, who pays attention to detail when grooming dogs.  She likes to speak to the owners once they arrive.  She loves making hair bows and bow ties for the doggies that are being groomed. She has two fur babies named Delta and Nala who love to go to the park and play.  

Years in Practice: 1

Interest: Boxing, reading Jodi Picoult and knitting sweaters for her husband of 7 years.